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Talk About Benefits!

Central Self Storage offers convenient, safe, drive-up storage, located just 5 minutes from Palmerston North CBD. Our spacious storage will have the most competitive pricing in the region.

Two size fits all! To keep our overheads and prices low, we only use two size of storage – 10 and 20 foot storage  container units. This makes it easy for us to manage and we don’t cater to everyone. Despite this, many people find that a larger storage space with us is still alot cheaper than less space at another facility.

Storage container units make simple but excellent storage. We have been using them to store everything on our sites since 2016. Storage container units are perfect for storage and many of the things people store with us have already spent three months or more in a storage container on their way to New Zealand! Find out more about why Storage Containers make great self-storage.

The container units we have for you are brand new,and specificallly built for storage. completely watertight, dust-proof, vermin proof and have the highest level of cleanliness and have easy, drive-up access. You can access your container units 7 days/week, 365 days per year!

No Frills… Central Self Storage is a no-frills, down-to-earth, simple storage facility. We cover the basics because that’s all you need for secure, strong, safe self-storage!

Customers tell us there are THREE things in particular that appeal to them about our facility:

  • The ability to back right up to a container storage unit and get easy access to goods.

  • The super amazing deals we give.

  • The perfect location at our secure site just minutes from central Palmerston north

Our Industry Costing Surveys regularly indicate a price difference of up to 51% between different facilities offering similar sized storage units! Don’t get sucked into paying more for a Brand Name, Fancy Marketing or Services you don’t need! Make sure you can get what you need at a price you can afford.


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The container unit we have for you is brand new, completely watertight, dust-proof and has easy, drive-up access.